Street Tunes

Street Dance Basic TUNELIST 

This list was meant for the Street dance in Bristol.

[Clickable links have a slight blue tinge (!)  The blue tune reminders  are  explained at the end]


S. a Virmoux   (score)     D

Bateau Doree,  G

L’Amourette,  G

Biscuit Shuffle  D  with Cnats.

S. a Bethanie (=Mominette),    D minor (or Gminor)

Derriere les carreaux ,   D minor (or G minor)


La Burette,   D minor

L’inconnu de Limoise G ,

Fubu, G

The Wrong Turn   G minor with E nats

La Cinq-cent,  G

Limousin    D minor (not E as in score)


Bouffard’s  (D),

Moulins  +  La Bigaille    (D)

La Marianne (G).

Marguerite  + Robins  ( D minor)

La Soufflette,  (D minor)

5-time Waltz

Dancing on the Sea (D minor)


Derriere chez nous (D)                                     (A _ _ G|A _ _ B|Cnat)

Jupes fendues (D)                                             (D-eFG|A-gFE)

Carre de Vouvray      D                                       (D-eFG|A _ _ _ |G-aB*A|)

Chasse-pain +  Baudimic (D);

Dromadaire +  La Charge   (D minor);


Evelyn’s = Fil et Bobine  (G)                                   (bc|DG’F|D-cde|)

Cochinelle   (G)                                                          (bc |DG’F|EDC|dedcac|BG)

Crousada  (D)                                                              (A_fg|A_fg|AGF|E)

Grands Poteries    (D)                                                (fg|AFA|afDfg|AFA|A_)

JIGS for Chappelloise & Circassian

Flashmob jig  (“Zelda”)    (Eminor)                            (BeBe|cbaB-)

Marriage March (from Blowzabella)     (D)               (a,df|AbAg|E-a,c,e|G..)

Please suggest some easy jigs!


Pas D’ete    (G)                                                             (DDBB|GGE,ab|C…)

LNB Polka? (D)                                                           (DA Cnat-b|AFAfg…)

Cafouillee (G)    – new but easy                                  (D,GGf,e,|D,BBab|CAAga)


Andro  – from Encyclopedia Blowzabellica  (G minor)    ( GDDde|CcdB _ |)

Hunter Dro   (E minor or D minor)                                    (EfgEDE _ )

Kost a Choat  (G)                                                                     (swung: [bag]f,g|abcb|)

Gavotte – from Dan Loughran    (E minor or D minor)     (swung: efgbag|F d,efgF)

Tune Reminders: 

Capitals and “_”  indicate  one time unit e.g. crochet;  lower-case and “-” indicate a half-unit e.g. quaver.

Notes below the home octave are shown with a comma e.g.  D,

Note above the home octave have a prime: e.g.  D’ ;     *=flat.

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