August 2018

Back from our trips to France and elsewhere, newly inspired for the first Bristol session of the academic year.  Yes, the floor was  dirty and sticky, making it hard to dance. So much thanks to Lucia who has volunteered to do something about it, even it means cleaning the floor ourselves before the next Bristol session.  Good to see Claire, on her annual visit from the US. And lots of keen dancers of all ages.  Some nice Slangspolskas from Daniel were much appreciated.  See you in Bath!

A great Bath Session, visited by Boldwood musicians, past and present. Thanks to Becky for kindly choosing keys more friendly for those of us with restricted instruments (or skills).  I remember especially a fantastic suite of Kost a C’hoats  from Richard.

June 2018

Many thanks to regular musicians Phill and Barbara, for holding the session together while some of us other players were on holiday. It was a bit too hot for Phill’s pipes to work properly, I hear, so bravo to Barbara!  And thanks for visiting musicians too and dancers, new and regular.  So it seems to work to keep the session running, even when some of us are on holiday in the summer.  We’ll run in July, and then figure out whether August  will be OK.  A bientot!

November 2017

“Dromadaire” is our new name for the Trio of  Steve, Phill and Jack,  and  the Quartet, including Daniel too.  We have two bals coming up:  in Stroud on Friday 17, and Bristol on 25 November.  Click on ” Facebook page   for details of the gigs.

August 2017

This year we ran both sessions in July and August, with no cancellations for the summer. And it worked out well, with plenty of dancers both times in Bristol, and enough musicians to be enjoyable in Bath. We even coped musically without both Steve and Daniel in Bristol for August.  Very grateful for visiting musicians Brian and Penny from Chippenham, Ravi and Simon Wilde.  Thanks especially to Barbara for taking over the teaching in Bristol in Steve’s absence.

November 2016 Bristol  Plenty of dancers again, with newcomers from France even. Standout  for me was Angus singing a bourree in such a big deep voice, and perfect rhythm, a pleasure to dance to. Joyeux Noel a tous.  Next meeting on 22 January.

November 2016   As well as the usual suspects at Bath, welcoming Katerina,  dancer from Italy and later on, Sarah and Geoff, and very late…. Michael with his expertly chorded CBA from the Bristol sessions and Rag morris.  Yes, we are meeting in December at Bath.

October 2016  Another Bristol Sunday with a roomful of dancers, about 14 I think. There was barely room to extend the line for the bourree.  Welcoming Phill and Barbara back again after  their holidays, and also Robert  who showed us the ocarinas he makes .  Fine dancing  especially by Amy and by David Beaseley who loyally came along after dancing all weekend at Pentreffest.

September 2016  Bristol:for the first hour or so we had about 20  dancers, mostly in the market for tuition.  Much gratitude to Angus for taking over the teaching when Steve was delayed.

August was a brilliant session with visiting musicians Giles and Claire  from San Francisco, and Kate  playing with her Boldwood colleague Daniel, and Cathie with her trumpet even. Plus amazing dancing improvisations as you can see on Youtube.

10.01.16  Dance Workshop in January. The session on 24 January will be preceded by a Dance workshop at 7.00,  designed to introduce new dancers to the basics. 

10.01.16  Fantastic  November session in our new venue  The new room at the Bristol Brewhouse, Cotham Hill, was a big success, relaunching the Bristol Session with style. Great to welcome new dancers even from  outside Bristol and Bath. Thanks to Peter of the Brewhouse for his enthusiastic support.

20.07.15  Not in August

We decided not to meet for the Bath session in August. Too many of us are away.

The Bristol session is now going really well. Thanks to Phill.

05.07.15 Cyser plays again

Cyser was the great band born in our session, but suspended when two of the four members moved abroad. Today Giles was visiting, so we had the treat of hearing  “Cyser trio”  playing his tunes again (with no rehearsal)  Click here to watch and listen       Hear more Cyser from the Links page.

05.07.15 Bristol: Balfolk in the Street

Despite the cold and rain, we had quite a good time playing and dancing in Glass Arcade. Here’s a couple of videos, including some amazing piping from Don Ward, visiting from Birmingham. Appreciation to everyone who made it happen.


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