New Tunes

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Update in July 2018

Sorry for neglecting this page.  Here are a few tunes we’ve been playing:

Latt Om Foten  audio  (but we play in D minor).   score – E minor    score-A minor

Two-time bourrees: 








Tunes from July 2015

Scottish Ebroicienne – by Mr Klof.   video     sheet music

Marigolds Scottish   video   sheetmusic

Here’s to Barbara’s Good Health (Giles Brown)  sheet music

Blowzabella’s tunes from their latest CD “Strange News”  (19 pages) Click here to download the pdf  Thanks to Paul James for making this freely available. We have played the 5-time waltz Main dans la Main  a few times.

Cat’s tune from March session:  Prapoutische – scottish by Bruno Letron: Notation  video

Some Breton tunes from Richard of the Andro Sisters:

Schottische: Gasdebois (Skolvan)
Tunes played a few times...
La Prunelle       vent qui vente (Chavannee version)
Vappu  by Maarten Decombel  ( video )
Den Gröna Mössan (Green Hat) , in G  , in F  (Play in F!)
Tunes  made up by  session members
(Please send  some of  your tunes)
For some of Giles’s tunes   click here
For Jack’s tunes  click here

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