Balfolk Bristol   puts on Bals with musicians from France, Belgium etc; also a monthly Skandi/French session on Wednesday evenings at the Cafe Kino.

Le Grand Bal de Bath:  our local weekend festival,which gave us so much over 21 years. Thanks to the pioneers at Hot Springs  (

French Dance Stroud:  monthly at Horsley

Chippenham French Session: 2nd Sunday of the month: Old Road Tavern, 8pm.

Cardiff:  Festnoz on the first Friday,  and more.

Bristol French Session (3rd or 4th Sunday – Bristol Brewhouse & Kitchen, Cotham Hill  ) .

Lancaster, first Tuesdays:

Dansez Francais    Bals in Brighton, on the last Saturday of the month.

Some of our regulars on the net  Richard  Daniel

Cyser at Embraud 2010   Steve, Daniel, Giles, Trudi

Jack: videos        compositions   Barbara


Please send in ideas for further entries on this page. 


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