Session Tunes

This page lists some of the tunes that we have often played at the session over the years.  Some of the titles have links to the score or video.  (Try clicking on titles, as this page design barely shows where there is a link, just slight blue tinge.)  Many of the tunes are in the tunebooks listed, as identified by the symbols *, **, ^, ^^, *^.

For tunes without links, just put the name into a google search for Images, then pick out the right bit of sheet music.

Tunes have almost always been played in G or D,  though sometimes in A, C and Em.

You might also like to look at the StreetDance Tune page, which is more recent and has more links.


S. a Virmoux ^,     L’Amourette ,   Biscuit Shuffle **,   Bateau Doree,  S. a Bethanie,  Sansonette,  Galinette ^,   Unnamed (Ciapa Rusa), Derriere les carreaux ^ ,


La Burette,   Wrong Turn,   M des Tuileries (in Gm) –   Decombel’s 1/11,  Miss Lindsay Barker, L’inconnu de Limoise *^,  Rose of Raby *,   Fubu*,  That Familiar Ache,  Limousin,  L’Anternaire, Retour de Montaignac ^, La Cinq-cent^,  Bec a Bec^,   The Three Lovebirds (Trois Tourterelles)


Calipyge (=cafe waltz) *,   Bouffard’s*,   La Bigaille,   Moulins,     La Marianne,  Marguerite  – Robins**,  Gitane*,  Marianne,   Chasse a la becasse^,   La Ravine, Dream Waltz**, La Soufflette^,  Le bout du monde^,  Pique du Jour

5-time Waltz

Dancing on the Sea,

2-time Bouree

Dromadaire –  La Charge *^;   Chasse-pain –   Baudimic;  Derriere chez nous,  Jupes fendues*^,

3-time Bouree 

Evelyn’s,  Grandes poteries,  B droite du Pays Fort,  Lo Crousada,  Le Loup

Jig / Chapelloise

Wormcliffe    Spanish Jig   Zelda


Unnamed (Enc Blowz p 14)


Unnamed  (Enclopedia Blowzabellica p35 ) see streetdance video.


Trois petites notes de musique-  video ;  La Nonchalante -video by composer,

^La Chasse a la Becasse^,


New tune source: Vitrifolk  Hundreds of  french tunes: sheet music.

Tune books

Encylopedia Blowzabellica

** New Tunes for Dancing  (Blowzabella)

80 Airs a danser du Centre France (La Chavannee 1991) – has many of the listed tunes

^^   English and French tunes compiled by Matthew Coatsworth of Boldwood

*^  Cam-French tunebook:  all the favourites are here and free to download. Thanks Cam-French:

JC’s Tunefinder  Millions of tunes are indexed here.

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