This page [under construction]  will give an idea of the various dances we might do.

The asterisked ones are the most likely to be danced.

Thanks and appreciation is sent to the video-makers, dancers and musicians.

Instructional videos

Scottish*     Waltz*     Mazurka*    2-time Bourree*    Auvergne Bourree 3t      5-time Waltz

Kost ar C’hoat     Mazurka demo  Gavotte des montagnes

Real dancing

Videos of many different dances:

Auvergne Bourree 3t

Mazurka variations    ;   gentle mazurka;    improvised mazurka

Scottish: demo variations ;  gentle Scottish ;      freestyle Scottish

3 time bourree (Bath)*

2 time bouree*

Kost ar C’hoat   ;   Suite Gavotte des montagnes

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