This page [under construction]  will give an idea of the various dances we might do.

The asterisked ones are the most likely to be danced.

Thanks and appreciation is sent to the video-makers, dancers and musicians.

Instructional videos

Scottish*     Waltz*     Mazurka*    2-time Bourree*    Auvergne Bourree 3t      5-time Waltz

Kost ar C’hoat     Mazurka demo  Gavotte des montagnes

Real dancing

Videos of many different dances:

Auvergne Bourree 3t

Mazurka variations    ;   gentle mazurka;    improvised mazurka

Scottish: demo variations ;  gentle Scottish ;      freestyle Scottish

3 time bourree (Bath)*

2 time bouree*

Kost ar C’hoat   ;   Suite Gavotte des montagnes


2 thoughts on “Dances

  1. Hey, I was wondering if you have anything planned in March next year (more specifically between the 4th and the 11th except for the 10th) since my friends and I are in the area (from The Netherlands) and we would love to see if there are big differences between the English and the Dutch Balfolk and simply we’d love to dance since we can’t be at our weekly dance.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Stacey, thanks for your interest.
      Our Bath session is always the first Sunday in the month, but it’s mostly for musicians, with no, or only a very few dancers in the bar…. though you’d be very welcome.
      Our Bristol session happens on the third OR fourth Sunday of the month, and there are plenty of dancers there and space to dance, as you will see on our videos. We have not yet confirmed our Bristol dates for March, but they will be coming soon, and I’ll immediately put them onto the website. But it looks like you won’t be around for 3rd or 4th Sunday of March.
      Our type of balfolk is more like Embraud/Chavanee and less like what I hear of Boombal, i.e hefty pipes and gurdy, though I do try to slip in the occasional delicate mazurka. (We also have the Boombal tendency in Bristol)
      Warm wishes, Jack.

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