Session contact:

Steve Day

0117 9393230

Give Steve your email address if you would like to be our mailing list.

The list gives reminders of our monthly session, and also sends occasional information about other events or opportunities for playing.


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5 thoughts on “Contact

    1. Welcome to the South West!
      Our session will be happening on SUNDAY 3rd August from about 8pm at the Royal Oak pub in Bath. See the other pages on this site for more info. Some of our regulars will be in France, but some will be there in Bath too. Looking forward to meeting you (all).
      I expect there are other folk festivals on in the region during the time you are around…Google on!


  1. Hello again,
    we rearranged a little, so there is a 95% chance of meeting you on Sunday the 3rd at the pub. We will also be in Bath on the 10th and 11th of August during the BathFolkFestival.
    Might have a chance to also meet then and maybe play some tunes together,
    depending if there is a wish for it.
    Bye Bobby

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