Our session

gavott facing pub          gp w barb and ann

NEW:  French Session in BRISTOL….. every THIRD Sunday

 The Miner’s Arms  Show Map

136 Mina Road,  St Werberghs,  BS2 9YQ Bristol

OUR SESSION in BATH — every FIRST Sunday of the month.

Click here  to see videos 

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We meet on the first Sunday of the month, 8 pm,  at THE ROYAL OAK pub  (Lower Bristol Road, BA2 3BW ). We play and dance to  French and Breton tunes: traditional and not. Dances in couples:  bourees, waltz, schottische, mazurka and polka, and also Breton dances in lines (no partners).

fiddle clare amy daniel           distance pub

We usually have  bagpipes , hurdy-gurdy;  accordions, melodeons, and concertina;  fiddles, whistles and recorders.  Everyone is welcome to join in or watch and listen.

trumpet looking    Phil, Steve and Chris

This session must be around 20 years old,  originally started  in Bristol by Andy Letcher.   For our dancing in the Bristol streets  : watch the videos here, and  see Mike Finn’s  fine photos here


Everyone is welcome to play, dance or listen.

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