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gavott facing pub          gp w barb and ann


The Grand Bal de Bath   is nearly here!    

It’s the weekend of  1 & 2 November, with a session on the Friday night.  

See the webpage:  www.grandbaldebath.org.uk  .

Early-bird cheeper prices if you book before 24 Oct.

Interest in our website!

3,340 views since October 2013, ranging from 150 to 450 per month, median 235.


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We meet on the first Sunday of the month, 8 pm,  at THE ROYAL OAK pub  (The one in Lower Bristol Road, BA2 3BW ). We play and dance to  French and Breton tunes: traditional tunes and newly composed ones that fit the dances.  There are dances in couples:  bourees, waltz, schottische, mazurka and polka, and also Breton dances in lines (no partners).

fiddle clare amy daniel           distance pub

We usually have  border bagpipes (french-style), hurdy-gurdy;  accordions, melodeons, and concertina;  fiddles, whistles and recorders.  Everyone is welcome to join in or watch and listen.

trumpet looking    Phil, Steve and Chris

This session was started by the renowned piper, Andy Letcher,  and met in Bristol for many years.    We moved to Bath when we found this pub.  It has a welcoming attitude, famously good beers and ciders and a good wooden floor for dancing.

The session was the springboard for that great local band  “Cyser”. You  can watch Cyser here.  and listen here.

Some of us have been  playing  and dancing in the street as part of Bristol’s “Make Sundays Special” : watch the videos here.

September's Street Band

twirl2             Dan and Amy

Everyone is welcome to play, dance or listen.

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